2014 Austrian economics books torrent

The books torrent is organized by author and the media torrent is organized by event. (There are many new books, but also a few missing due to complaints by the copyright holder.)

The torrents contain files copied from library.mises.org – I just made them easier to download in bulk.  See the announcement of the 2012 torrents for instructions and background.

Five years of Creative Commons releases:

 7/24/2009  9:47 AM       271954 books_2009.torrent
 6/14/2010 11:58 PM       125938 books_2010.torrent
 11/1/2011 12:54 AM       120676 books_2011.torrent
 3/21/2012  4:40 AM       267599 books_2012.torrent
 8/30/2013  3:49 AM       288840 books_2013.torrent
  4/7/2014 12:54 PM       281829 books_2014.torrent



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